There is a home for you here.

-House of Prayer Lutheran is an ELCA congregation in the Southwest Texas Synod. To explore what ELCA membership means, we encourage you to explore this website: www.elca.org.

-We are a smaller congregation, so we are a friendly community, and it is easy to get to know the people here. You don’t have to be a member to worship here, but if you do decide to become a member, it is easy to do.

- When things get back to normal, our typical activities include a variety of Adult Bible Study groups, and groups such as quilting, art, tai chi, Bunco, and other fellowship opportunities.

- We have an Adult Sunday Class that is lively with conversation. We love to talk about anything and everything since faith touches every aspect of our lives.

- While we have only a few children at worship on a regular basis, we do not offer
children’s Sunday School every Sunday. We do however offer a Vacation Bible School
program, Children’s Sermons on special Sunday’s and other events at times. We also
like to involve our children in participating in assisting with worship as ushers, readers,
altar guild, and audio/visuals as their skills development allows.

We have ample parking, and handicapped parking is available on the upper level in front of the sanctuary doors. The upper level is also a good place to drop off if the handicapped spots are already filled.

- Attire
As with most places in San Antonio, dress is comfortable, but we do assume that people will remember to be respectful when visiting God’s house.

Our worship is liturgical based meaning that there is a set format involving interactions between pastor and people some of which is incorporated as singing. And of course, there is the singing of hymns and songs. For ease of participating, the service is projected on a screen (to be good stewards) but if you prefer a printed bulletin just pick one up or ask an usher.


Please remember that we do have members who have underlying conditions and should not get sick, not even a little bit.  And please know that you do NOT have to take your mask off if you do not wish to yet.  We will continue to social distance as possible as well.   If you will be standing around in the narthex before or after worship, we ask you to wear a mask.  Remember, our calling is to care for our brothers and sisters in Christ who may have an underlying condition.  Please always be respectful of the needs of the people around you.